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July 2011:
* New
(ISC)2 5th ISLA Award Announced
Hurry-up Apply for ICANN's Fellowship for Dakar Meeting
New Working-Groups

June 2011:

New Chapters
ALS Certification Application

May 2011:
Nomination Submitted

Nomination Date Extended

April 2011:
5th ISLA Award Nomination

April 2011:
SecureAsia 2011 @ Jakarta

August 2010:
SecureAsia Conference 2011

New Chapters Added:
Australian &

March 2010:
Urdu Forum *

Video Conference

Online Urdu Editor

January 2010:
Affiliation completed:
+ B.I.R.D.S.
+ Bhakkar Times
+ Sanwal Newspaper
+ Sunjan Newspaper
+ MetroNews Newspaper

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Affiliations of ©Urdu Internet Society®

The ©Urdu Internet Society® affiliation is open. Universities, Institutions, Organizations, Newspapers, Civil, Social, Technical and Professional Work Groups and Societies may apply for affiliation.

Affiliations responsibility includes moral & physical support, technical assistance, help to host community meetings, events management, analysis and voluntarily dedicated services.

Note: Urdu Internet Society is also processing for membership with Internet Society.

Affiliations of 2010 ©Urdu Internet Society®

January 2010:
+ B.I.R.D.S.
+ Bhakkar Times (Daily Newspaper)
+ Sanwal Newspaper (Daily Newspaper)
+ Sunjan Newspaper (Weekly Newspaper)
+ MetroNews Newspaper (Weekly Newspaper)

Affiliations of 2009 ©Urdu Internet Society®

+ Qalam Qabila (Society of Writers)
+ e-Group
+ Corvit Systems
+ UETians (Students of University of Engineering & Technology)
+ Urdu Publishers
+ Urdu Internet Council