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July 2011:
* New
(ISC)2 5th ISLA Award Announced
Hurry-up Apply for ICANN's Fellowship for Dakar Meeting
New Working-Groups

June 2011:

New Chapters
ALS Certification Application

May 2011:
Nomination Submitted

Nomination Date Extended

April 2011:
5th ISLA Award Nomination

April 2011:
SecureAsia 2011 @ Jakarta

August 2010:
SecureAsia Conference 2011

New Chapters Added:
Australian &

March 2010:
Urdu Forum *

Video Conference

Online Urdu Editor

January 2010:
Affiliation completed:
+ B.I.R.D.S.
+ Bhakkar Times
+ Sanwal Newspaper
+ Sunjan Newspaper
+ MetroNews Newspaper

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You may contact us through Executive Members or Chapter Group Leaders listed on the Chapters Page.

Some of them are listed below:

  Executive Member
Primary Contact Irfan Shahid [M/s eGROUP]
Email irfan(at)magazine.com.pk;
Contact Number: +92 300 8455517

  Executive Member
Secondary Contact Noman Ahmed Shah
Secondary E-mail nas_2k2(at)yahoo.com
Contact Number: +92 333 4222 094

  Executive Member
Primary Contact Shk Kashif Hussain
Email truereporter(at)hotmail.com
Contact Number: +92 300 4426 791

Executive Member
Primary Contact Kamran Ahmed
Email kamran(at)uisoc.org
Contact Number: +44 906 765 567

Australia : Executive Member
Primary Contact Atif Nazar Ali (Security Advisor)
Email atif(dot)nazar(at)uisoc(dot)org
Contact Number: +61

Executive Member
Primary Contact Muhammad Munir Qasim
Email mmunir_qasim(at)yahoo.com
Contact Number: +92 333-4349414

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